Download the PRIS App on your mobile or visit a Puma station and fill in the form.

Earn Points

Show your PRIS App or the PRIS Official Member card and win points every time you shop at a Puma station or Super 7 store.

Redeem Points

Get rewards! Redeem your earned points on prizes and deals.


Discover How it works


Register for FREE. Our customers receive PRIS Official Member card and get access to many offers and discounts.

Each customer can access their account for FREE, through the PRIS app. There, they can check on the many deals available, their personal information and their points balance.

PRIS loyalty program fills you up with points for every liter of gas purchased on Puma Energy and every dollar spent on Super 7 stores.

After earning points, our customers can choose any prize available, whenever they want to redeem their points.


Program Rules

At each stop at Puma stations or Super 7 stores, you can fill yourself with points and many surprises. Get 1 point for every liter of fuel or dollar in store consumed, accumulate them and exchange them for discounts on fuel, meal combos and more.


Frequently Asked Questions

PRIS Program

To start filling up with the benefits of PRIS Points, visit any Puma station, ask for yours at the checkout and register.
Order yours at Puma gas stations and receive it free.
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To be part of the program you need to register by giving only your name, citizen ID and mobile phone number, doing this you will be rewarded automatically with extra points .If you decide to give the full data : e-mail, birthday day , Zip code and gender you will receive more extra points and you become a full member.
You are already registered! Identify yourself as an Official Member of PRIS Points with the mobile app, your identification number or telephone number and you will earn points for your purchase.

PRIS Points

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Customer Information

Your personal data privacy is a priority for us . To better protect your information , you need to give us your consent to the data treatment objectives.
Terms and protection of personal data acceptance is required by law , however is optional to receive communications, profile analysis, information share with partners. If you don´t give your consent you will not receive Puma PRIS direct offers or tailored campaigns to your consumption profile.


Yes you can. You can remove the consent given when you registered. However you will be able to receive special offers adjusted to your consumption profile.
You can remove your data but , name, citizenID and mobile phone you need to keep in your account otherwise you will no longer be part of the program. In the Puma PRIS App follow the instructions or call the Customer Service.

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